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Frequently Asked Questions

We want to be as transparant as possible.
Check out what other brand owners were wondering before working with us.

Our Foundation is Facebook and Instagram + Google. This will be your biggest growth channel. As you grow we’ll add on Pinterest, Snapchat or Tiktok depending on where your audience is. . The goal is to achieve Omnipresence.

Our most known service is paid ads, however we will also advise you on other parts of your brand with experience from our brands so that you will have higher conversions, AOV’s and be more “lean”. Just even a 1% increase in conversion on your website can double your revenue generated from ads alone.

Our CMO Martijn. He is the head media buyer and overseas all ads. No one is contracted. Everyone is highly vetted internally.

We write all the captions that aligns with your brand and attracts the right audience.

We will use the creatives you already have now to generate sales immediately while aligning with your brand image and direction. We will actively give you feedback on what creatives work so you can replicate it and what creatives don’t work.

We will send you a weekly video update and we will have monthly evaluations in order that everything runs smoothly. Besides from that, we will give you access to our 24/7 live Client Dashboard where all your live results will be shown in an understandable way. 

On average we would start with 2-3k for the first month. Specific returns will depend on your numbers like profit margin, COGS etc. but you’ll see a positive return within the first week. Then we grow and progress from there.

We’ve had a successful track record for over 5 years now in this industry and we’re previous brand owners so we know what you go through day to day.

You will go through our onboarding process(no charge) which will give us everything we need like creatives and access to your ad managers. This takes no longer than an hour. Then we will have an onboarding call to answer any last minute questions, make sure we have everything in place, and then ads will be live in less than 3-5 days!

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